Course of The Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings in Taiwan Gephelling

Beautiful Cooperation Among Fellow Practitioners

vajra dance taiwan

On the island when there was no qualified Vajra Dance teacher, no qualified Yantra Yoga teacher, and no qualified Khaita teacher, the Level one Vajra Dance teacher Ms. Gruszka Sylwia’s appearance in Taiwan starting in year 2013, quenched the thirst of all hungry Taiwanese practitioners, for the possibility to practice Rinpoche’s precious mind terma, Vajra Dance, without the need to fly across bodies of oceans and to deal with the struggle of language barriers.


Being from the country of Poland, speaking mostly Polish and English, Sylwia conducted The Vajra Dance That Benefits Beings on November 25 and 26 for Gephelling fellow practitioners, where six matured female dancers learnt the Powa steps, a reflection and celebration of Sylwia’s contribution to Vajra Dance in Taiwan.

However, while language was used to communicate the technic of the dance, Sylwia’s gentleness and grace on the mandala expressed something no words can convey, touching all Vajra dancers with her presence.

It was indeed a short yet beautiful two day course for all who participated.




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