Vajra Dance Tutorial Project

This year, 2015, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche’s Root Text of the Vajra Dances, translated by Adriano Clemente, was published in English and is available to all Dzogchen Community Members. Translations and other books related to the Vajra Dances open to the general public will follow. In the years following the last Vajra Dance Video (2008), when the first drafts of the Root Text translation became available, we checked and compared the detailed, refined and incredibly inspiring descriptions for each step and movement by Rinpoche with our actual Dance practice. The result is that we now have a better understanding of the timing and movements and have updates and changes to make that are not shown in the video demonstration of 2008.

For this reason, we would naturally like to make a new tutorial video available for all Vajra Dance practitioners and instructors, and to preserve the Vajra Dances in the correct way for future generations. Beside a complete demonstration of the Vajra Dances, we plan to include an easy to follow and understandable animated demonstration of each of the many sequences in relation to all Vajra Dances. This Tutorial will be probably made available in an online format for the members of the International Dzogchen Community and some parts will be made available to the general public. We also plan, if possible and practical, a more interactive approach to learning and for memorising the Vajra Dances.

The Vajra Dance Tutorial will be useful for all practitioners, particularly those with no immediate access to an available Mandala as it will offer the possibility to study and memorise better at home, remaining more motivated to participate in intensive Vajra Dance practice retreats and Global Practice events together when the possibility arises.

The video sequences will be placed together with the related Root Text explanation, which in time will be made available in all languages. The online Video Tutorial materials will be made available through

All necessary video shooting will be completed in Dzamling Gar between the 15th October and the 6th November 2015. A professional camera team with equipment and set-up is involved and fortunately so far everything is manifesting favorably. A more time consuming process of post-production and editing will follow along with the set-up for distribution of the material. We hope to make the finished work available in the coming year.


In our hearts we all wish to offer our work, skills and time to accomplish all of this for free, but our worldly circumstances do not allow it and it is necessary to offer support to all members of the production team, including flights, accommodation, catering and a basic allowance to cover living costs during the 3 weeks of shooting and further in the post-production process.

We already have several sponsors who have very generously offered their participation to cover some of the major costs involved. We hope with our global Dzogchen Community fundraising approach, you may feel inspired to offer an amount to the Vajra Dance Tutorial project, large or small, according to your circumstances.

with love and best wishes,

The Vajra Dance Tutorial Team

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