Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra Weekend

11-13 January 2019 at Rangdrolling, Amsterdam

vajra dance weekend
Under the strict direction of the fierce dakini Stoffelina Verdonk our Vajra Dance skills reached unprecedented heights.

A truly intense weekend left us deeply satisfied.

Not only did we study the Dance together, we also perfected our considerable capacities to sing the Song of the Vajra. When the Pamos were studying on the Mandala, the Pawos would empower their practice with sonorous song and vibrant percussion, and vice versa. With the help of Stoffelina, we were able to reach a total perfection we always knew was there from the beginning.

As a next logical step the Rangdrolling Vajra Choir was born. We now offer our services for a modest compensation.

So spice up your next Vajra Dance course with the Buddhalicious Rangdrolling Vajra Choir.

Add some joyous Amsterdam charm to your next retreat.

Book us now for the Benefit of all Beings. (No refunds)

Love from the Amsterdam Mandala!

(and even more love to those who thought this is serious. In fact we are fine singers. Come and join our Mandala next time!)

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