New Geko Wanted

Applications are invited for the post of Geko at Namgyal Gar North from Dec 1st 2014, following Rinpoche’s visit and Teaching retreat at Namgyal Gar North.

This is a key moment in the development of Namgyal Gar North as the main place for the Dzogchen Teachings of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu in Australia. Renovation of the main house to include accommodation for Rinpoche and Rosa as well as for the Geko is almost complete. Following basic infrastructure work for the development of the site, including new loop access road (completed), waste water treatment system (now operational), and rainwater harvesting and supply system for the whole site (to be completed in early September), the next step will be the building of the retreat units and community facilities. At the same time, it is important that the life and activity of the Gar is expanded and maintained; the role of Geko is pivotal for this.

Qualities needed:
Communication skills
a non-sectarian attitude
ability to work independently and in collaboration with others


  • to maintain a regular practice schedule, lead practices as needed.
  • Welcome guests and offer support,
  • coordinate care of the Gonpa, Dance Mandala, House, gardens and land; and liaise with a representative of Namgyalgar Gakyil on maintenance issues
  • coordinate Karma Yoga activities in collaboration with Red Gakyil
  • liaise with and facilitate contractors working on site for the development, when requested by the Project Team and Gakyil representatives
  • liaise with Administration Officer  re bookings, donations etc
  • Maintain simple accounts for petty cash, donations and Geko discretionary expenditure in collaboration with Admin Officer and following directions of Yellow Gakyil.
  • manage bookshop sales in collaboration with SSIA
  • written report to each Gakyil meeting
  • to be a very good neighbour and develop and maintain good relations in the neighbourhood
  • appointment is for one year (renewable).


  • A$150/week for living expenses
  • Accommodation: geko apartment in the house.
  • Use of Gar car also for personal use within the area
  • Use of internet and phone for reasonable personal use
  • 2 days off each week
  • 4 weeks holiday with allowance (times to be negotiated)

Please send your application with full personal details (including membership number) and two referee’s names to the Namgyalgar Gakyil at You will be contacted for interview, which can be conducted by skype (or similar) if needed.

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