Webcast of Rinpoche’s Retreat Teaching

webcast Rinpoche's retreat
Dear Members of the Dzogchen Community, Brothers and Sisters,

We are happy to announce to you that we will launch RINPOCHE’S RETREAT TEACHING on webcast.dzogchen.net next week. Hearing his voice, particularly at this delicate moment, will be an inspiring occasion for all of us.

Although we are not sure of the precise schedule, we will keep you informed through Norbunet, Dzamling Gar, and Merigar announcements. We will begin this series on Monday, March 30, at 13:00 (GMT), with the Ödzer Chenma Retreat in Dzamling Gar, from December 2015, and the videos will be available for one week. Unfortunately, we have not been able to organise translation for this launch, but we will do our best to make it available starting with the next broadcast.

As one will require transmission to access this, one must join with login (your email) and password. If you have forgotten the password you can recover it at dzogchen.net/ recoverpassword/

We are aware that many of you may be experiencing difficulties at this time so 2020 renewal of membership will not be required immediately.

As the cost for hosting any of the webcasting events is expensive, we kindly request members who have the possibility to offer financial support to consider making a donation through the PayPal link located on the home page webcast.dzogchen.net

We appreciate any kind of collaboration you can offer.

We wish to express our gratitude to Gars and Lings, Gakyils, instructors, webcast team and all the people involved in the organization of IDC online activities during these challenging days.  This is the way in which we can continue to stay together!

Any questions please write to blue@dzogchen.net

All best wishes,

International Gakyil

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