Weekly Vajra Dance Practice on New South Wales Central Coast

vajra dance practice new south wales

Vajra Dance Course with Rosemary Friend on NSW Central Coast in early March 2018.

It has been such a pleasure to join other Sydney members each weekend to dance this rare and precious teaching at a hall in Umina Beach on the central coast of New South Wales every month. Starting with ‘The Dance of the Three Vajras‘ and ‘The Dance of the Vajra That Benefits Beings‘ for several hours, the last hour or so is spent concentrating on the dance which is more intricate and always needs more finessing, that is the Dance of the Song of the Vajra. Our enthusiasm has arisen from Rosemary Friend’s well taught dance weekend earlier in the year, and also from our own intention to keep the dance alive and fresh both within, and to keep our profound tradition energetically alive.

Any practice we do is relevant to Rinpoche’s health. Knowing this means that the sacredness of our dancing is more potent and beneficial.

Being one of the keys for all the methods that Rinpoche has taught, and knowing that it relates to the three aspects of our existence, namely body, speech and mind, practising it is a very important function for us and in fact all beings in limitless space…a marvellous feat without question…not to mention a good cause for self liberation. What more could one need in life!’

Robyn Catchlove


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