Wish Happy Losar to a Tibetan Child

February 27 will be the Tibetan New Year, a day when we welcome in 2144, the Fire Bird year.

We have many hopes for the coming year, first of all, a world where non-violence, compassion, and wisdom can become the basis of the lives of an increasing number of people.

In this new year we can not remain indifferent to a call for help coming from Tibet, where a forgotten emergency is taking place. Every day many – too many – wounds are inflicted on an ancient culture that we risk losing forever.

Through those who have decided to participate in long distance sponsorship, from 1994 up to today, ASIA has been able to help more than 3,000 children, who have had the opportunity to complete their primary education and to receive from the schools actively involved in the project everything they need to study and live in dignity: teaching materials, school uniforms, medical care, bedding, travel expenses to and from the school, and much more.

These children have been guaranteed a first-class education, a training program that is constantly updated with respect to their language and their cultural roots, with extracurricular activities linked to all subjects, and prepared and motivated teachers.

For 2144, the Fire Bird year, we would like at least another 450 children to receive a gift that you, too, can help us to realize: to be able to study their language and acquire the necessary knowledge to build a better future by continuing to feel that they are Tibetan.

Making sure that children receive an education that respects Tibetan culture means to sow and to see grow the seeds of a world in which the values of wisdom, compassion, and non-violence can inspire the everyday life of us all.

What can you do to help?

Long distance sponsorship is a concrete gesture of solidarity.

To start your long distance sponsorship visit http://www.adoptibet.org.

Wish Happy Losar to a Tibetan child!

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