Worldwide Guruyoga on the Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa

Dear members of the International Dzogchen Community,

Tomorrow on Tuesday, November 10th, we have “World Guruyoga Day” on the Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa!

This is an excellent occasion for the collective practice when practitioners all over the world reconnect with the Transmission of our dear Master Chögyal Namkha Norbu being together in the state of Guru Yoga.

We invite you to join the webcast from Merigar West on our website!

Please find below the schedule of online explanations and practice of World Guruyoga (Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa). Time is ITALIAN TIME ZONE (CET, GMT+1).

12:00 – Explanation of the practice for the day of World Guruyoga (Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa) with Adriano Clemente
13:00 – Worldwide Guruyoga (Anniversary of Adzom Drugpa)
17:00 – Ganapuja (Dakini Day)

Link to join practice –

Kind regards,
International Gakyil

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