Wözer Chenma Practice for Dzamling Gar Gönpa

Here in Dzamling Gar, we would like to invite you to practice Wözer Chenma with us, from wherever you are.

Date: 20th August  – Time: 8:00am (Tenerife time GMT+1)

We have been practicing with the intention of supporting the development of Dzamling Gar and especially the construction of the Gönpa.

Thanks to the collaboration and commitment of all of you the Gönpa is going ahead. Let’s continue unifying our energies and actively to do our best. Very soon, at the end of this year, in time for Rinpoche’s birthday, the first phase of the Gönpa will be completed.

The Gönpa of Dzamling Gar will function as a sacred place for the entire world, benefiting everyone everywhere as a cause for the realization of Wisdom and Awareness.

The Gönpa is also for future generations, to practice together. It will be a place for fulfilling Rinpoche’s vision of the Dzogchen teaching lasting forever.

“Let’s Unite Our Strength and Capacity. Dzogchen Communities,

Unite all your Strength and Capacity”. 

(from Dzamling Gar Song by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu)

With Love,

Dzamling Gar & Practicing Together Team

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