Yantra Yoga Retreat and Course at Dejamling, France

yantra yoga dejamling

A Yantra Yoga retreat led by instructor Elerin Uibu took place at Dejamling, France from June 22 to 25 with ten participants. We mainly worked on the preliminaries and the first two series of Yantra with their pranayamas.

Everyone was very happy, and the retreat went ahead in a warm atmosphere with participants enjoying the Ling and relaxing and harmonizing their energy.

Daily bathing in the river deepened our relaxation and the morning short tun our connection with the teachings.

yantra yoga dejamling yantra yoga dejamling







Then, from 13 to 16 July, Elerin conducted a first level course in Yantra Yoga, which was devoted to learning preliminaries. We also went through the first series.

yantra yoga dejamling

Two totally new people to the Dzogchen Community left us their impressions:

Olivier: For me, it went very well. I found the welcome very nice.
The perfect setting, very suitable for this type of training: peace, peace, nature. I felt comfortable with the place, the organization and the people. It was perfect compared to what I expected, very professional.
I enjoyed the preparation of the meals together.

Tugdual: For me, it was a discovery, because I come from another center where the way of doing things is completely different. So this showed me another possibility of openness on how to apprehend life in community.
I found it very fluid and benevolent, very good. The course was perfect, I liked everything: the instructor, the participants, the gekö, the discussions and the way the sessions were held with great generosity.

A child of the community who is now grown up:
Maria: I liked the schedules with five hours of yoga. It was suitable for me. I also liked the activities offered in parallel (Tun practice, Vajra Dance, Khaita, chöd … bathing … Ganapuja) and the pause times.
I suggest that we have an organized time for karma yoga. I learned everything I wanted to learn and this course gave me a lot.

Finally, I interviewed a passing karma yogi.
Tony: The potentialities of the practice are endless, everything is available to explore Dzogchen in all its aspects. We think we are all in a little home and suddenly we want this house to be a little nicer, better and we give ourselves.

We thank Elerin Uibu and hope that the Dzogchen and Yantra Yoga teachings will develop in all dimensions, bringing final and temporary benefits.

Hubert Kotowicz



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