Yantra Yoga, Kumbhaka and Pranayama in Lajoux, France


The course of Yantra Yoga, Kumbhaka and Pranayama proved to be a great success by the quality of teaching, by the friendly atmosphere that prevailed between all of us and the beauty of the setting in which it took place.This course is innovative as it was organized jointly by two Lings, Tengyäling and Palriling, and lasted a whole week.

Lajoux was great, a little out of time, like a dream! Patrizia, thank you for giving us these teachings from our master. With patience, talent and kindness you gave us the possibility to experience different aspects of breathing and understand Kumbhaka retention.

Thank you to all the organization for this workshop which took place in a holiday mood but with serious and joyful practice. It was a great experience in every respect.

Location in the Jura was beautiful and met all expectations. We could go hiking which was rejuvenating, the cottage was harmonious, warm, calm and welcoming.

The atmosphere was lovely with beautiful souls from different backgrounds, each and everyone with their talents and aspirations.

And the teaching.

It was an honor to receive this beautiful teaching, enjoying the pace of teaching, sustained, intense, with great moments of healing and pauses.

It brought a desire to continue to practice, the sense of what breathing is actually about in all its dimensions and, of course, much understanding of what fluid and complete breathing means.

We wished that this time would not end, it was like a cocoon in the middle of nowhere, but then, even the most beautiful journeys end.

In few words: physical, mental and spiritual inspiration.

This is something to experience and organize  again.IMG_0253

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