Yantra Yoga Retreats at Kunsangar North

yantra yoga kunsangar north

Dear friends,

On 17-23 October 2018 Kunsangar North hosted the first of three Yantra Yoga retreats with Maxim Leschenko, third-level yantra yoga instructor. We learned and practiced intensely variations of the second and third yantra yoga groups as well as received detailed instructions on kumbhaka and pranayamas.

All the participants benefitted immensely from these practices and got an invaluable experience. Maxim in his friendly and relaxed manner shared his profound knowledge and personal experience in the practice of yantra yoga and pranayamas for which we all are deeply grateful. We will do our best to continue our practice and hope to see Maxim again in summer.

With best wishes,
Kunsangar North Gakyil

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