Open Yantra Yoga Course in Lodz, Poland

yantra yoga lodz poland
This course was led by Magda Ourecka and was addressed to people who had already taken the first basic course. We also had some ambitious first-time participants who managed to go through all the material very well. We covered all the preliminaries plus the first series of Yantras and the Vajra Wave.

Yantra Yoga is gaining recognition very slowly in the Polish world of yoga. However the experience it gives to any other yoga practitioners or instructors is often amazing. This shows that along with the continuous growth of the yoga market a need for a more profound knowledge of yoga is emerging.
For many people the value of meeting Yantra Yoga is impossible to put a price on. In order to bring about this benefit it is surely important to find a good approach for communication and promotion in local yoga communities.

I wish to express many thanks to Magda and Fialka thanks to whom we have laid the foundations for regular practice in one of Yoga schools in the very centre of our city of Łódź.

Wojtek Torczyński

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