Yantra Yoga in Phendenling, Czech Republic

Yantra Yoga First and Second Level Yantra Yoga Supervision course with Laura Evangelisti, Phendeling, Czech Republic

From October 4th till 9th, 2016 we were happy to host in Phendeling the First and Second Level Yantra Yoga Supervision course with kind guidance of senior Yantra Yoga instructor Laura Evangelisti.

We had two aspirants for the First Level – Magdalena Ourecka from Czech Republic and Leonardo Isacchi from Italy, and four candidates for the Second Level – Monika Lakatos and Zoli Cser from Hungary, Fijalka Turzikova from Czech Republic and Igor Pinigin from Ukraine.

We are happy to announce that all candidates successfully passed and can come for the Yantra Yoga exams in Dzamling Gar.

Czech Gakyil


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