Yantra Yoga Summer Retreat in France

July, 19 -27 2019

This year, we had our summer retreat of Yantra Yoga with Patrizia Pearl in the mountainous Vercors (South of France). It was a beautiful retreat place, encircled by forests where we could practice away from the heat of the day. The natural, calm and peaceful environment contributed to a very good atmosphere for the retreat. Most of the food was home-grown in a holistic  way, which was a good manner to harmonize with the energies of the land and the Salamander staff passionately prepared meals for us with these fresh and organic vegetables

Early morning, when it was still cool, we practiced the Preliminaries. Patrizia cared that no one was left with difficulties in the movements or the practice of Khumbaka. The rest of the day, we were doing rhythmic breathing, longer practices of pranayamas, up to the fourth one. It was our second retreat on the fourth pranayama, and most practitioners were ready for Patrizia to explain and go deeper in all aspects of this practice, so we could experience the whole process with fluidity.

We were all aware of the effects of the practice on our presence in everyday life, the harmony, the sharing and support of the group as the practice revealed and unravelled obstacles and enhanced the experience of clarity. As one of us put it:

“Practicing the four Pranayamas with Patrizia we come to find an awareness in the experience of the five senses. We can shift from the mental level of experience to a more concrete and direct relation in practicing the pranayamas that allows awareness to awaken in everyday life.”

Another one :

“This summer Yantra Yoga retreat was a great experience with deeper understanding of the different practices of Yantra Yoga. Patrizia’s advice allowed us to see where we were in the practice. She said to practice every day rhythmic breathing and more …Thank you, Patrizia, for sharing, for your patience and observation, your guidance and generosity. You gave us many details so precious for the practice of Yantra Yoga so together we could deepen our understanding connected with your experiences.”

To conclude this beautiful retreat, we did a Ganapuja in the forest surrounding us. We thank Patrizia for these valuable lessons. Experience to renew and great memories.

More than ever, our beloved Master is with us.

Thilda, Coco, Marnya and Richard

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