Yantra Yoga in Sweden

Third Yantra Yoga Course held in the South of Sweden!

During the weekend of October 28-30, 2016, we had the great pleasure of having 2nd level Yantra Yoga Instructor Maaja Zelmin from Estonia here to teach the 5 tsa duls (controlling the channels) and its Pranayama. We were 15 participants and many were new, so the 9 purification breathings, the 5 tsig jongs, the 8 lung sangs and the vajra wave were also repeated. 

We are a small group of people who practice Yantra Yoga together every second week on Fridays since March 2016 after the 1st course was held. Since the 2nd course was held in August, Wednesdays have been added alternating with Fridays so more people can join in. From this November also an evening per month is added to attract more participants from the courses to practice Yantra Yoga together.

As a nice conclusion of the Yantra Yoga course we did a Ganapuja on the Sunday evening where 11 persons attended. This was the 2nd Ganapuja held together in the practice group in Malmö. When we gathered to do our Ganapuja all the sudden there was a sparkling fire of love, warmth and happiness in my heart when looking at all new Vajra sisters and Vajra brothers. For a long time it has been a deep wish to do Ganapujas together with a Sangha on a regular basis. Starting in January 2017 we have booked one Ganapuja day per month to do practice together on a regular basis. Now we are really on a good start for a future Dzogchen Ling. 

Maaja Zelmin has been invited in March 2017 to come again and make an introduction of Yantra Yoga for future newcomers and also Oliver Leick to make an introduction to Dzogchen.


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