Yantra Yoga Combined with Tibetan Medicine

Recollections by Anne Belval (first time at Dejamling) of a Yantra Yoga Workshop with Elerin Uibu combined with some methods of care and notions of Tibetan medicine given by Lars Lotigiers  June 21-23, 2019 at Dejamling, France.
Thank you to all the organizers and participants!yantra yoga tibetan medicine
A magical place, at the top of one of the mountains of Cevennes, the surrounding nature envelops me and I feel on arrival a sweet and kind light kissing me. I came with Elerin Uibu to follow her teaching of Yantra Yoga for three days.

These three days seem to me ten, as the acuity of light, the spirit of the place and the luminous presence of Elerin (Lars and others) accompany me.
Three intense days of sacred teaching, where body and mind rise through practice; a dense practice, constantly explained, incredibly detailed and connecting me to what is authentic between heaven and earth in my humble body of human being.

yantra yoga tibetan medicine
So … the mind stops at last, and liberation takes place, tiny at first and then bigger and bigger … visions, feelings can happen; it will be for me, for example, compassion and forgiveness.
Lars, the guardian of the place, will also give us explanations of work in Tibetan medicine and we experiment massage of the head and the face; it makes me want to go further in future research on the five elements that constitute us and the three nyepas that animate us … it’s magic and at the same time logical!

At the end of these three days that finally are not, because time has stopped, I can say: What a wonderful experience in Dejamling! I’ll be back…

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