Yoga Prana for Clarity and Emptiness Practice Retreat

with Elio Guarisco August 8-16, 2017 near Saint Petersburg, Russia.

yoga prana practice retreat

Sixty-seven practitioners from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia participated in the retreat.

The retreat took place based on the principle of generosity. Expenditures for organizing the retreat amounted to 242,000 rubles. Donations exceeded expenses by 114,000 rubles. The latter amount was divided into three equal parts, two of which were transferred for the Dzamling Gar Gönpa building  and financing the Ka-Ter translation project and one part remaining for the purposes of developing the Saint Petersburg sangha Sangyeling.

We sincerely thank each donor for the amount they donated. Some of the donors we know by name, some preferred to remain anonymous. Your generosity allowed the retreat to take place and it continues to support Rinpoche’s projects.

We thank Elio, all the participants, all the donors and of course our precious Teacher.


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