10 Year Anniversary of the Kunsangar South Gönpa Inauguration

Dear Vajra family,

Kunsangar South and all its members celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Gönpa inauguration! 10 years ago, on August 1, 2012, this special event took place during a retreat with Rinpoche.

It is said that our Master, Chögyal Namkai Norbu, saw a crystal temple in one of his dreams of clarity and then envisioned such a fantastic project for the Dzogchen Community. His idea was embodied in the construction of the Gönpa of Merigar West and then other Gönpas, including the Gönpa of Kunsangar South.

Our “Temple of Light” was designed, according to tradition, by Giovanni Boni, and painted by Migmar Tsering with numerous assistants. We send them rays of light, kindness and gratitude. We hope to see them again here, in the space of the pure land of Kunsangar South.

In honor of the inauguration of the Gönpa, a juniper tree was planted near the sangkhang. This year we intend to plant another tree to continue this tradition.

Throughout all these years the Gar has continued to develop. There have been many retreats and courses in this place that is sacred for all of us. The infrastructure of the Gar has also been developing – the Gönpa, the Longsal stupa, the summer kitchen, the houses for living and for retreats and more than 400 trees have appeared on the territory of Kunsangar South. The Gar continues to be actively built and collective and personal retreats take place all the year round.

The renovation of the playground and campsite is underway and just before this special date the renovation of the Longsal stupa was completed! Following the link you can find a 14 minute film about it.

All of these would be absolutely impossible to do without the participation of a huge number of Dzogchen practitioners who have supported and continue to support Kunsangar South!

On this day we especially remember the care of all the Gekös, Gakyil members and karma yogis! Since the foundation of the Gar Vita Adamenko, Sergey Kozhukharov, Yura Fomichev, Sergey Grzhimolovsky, Natalia Palkina, Natalia Gerasimova, Lena Sycheva, Lesha Shadrov have offered their work and manifested themselves as Guardians of Virtue (Gekö). We thank the guys for their selfless work for the benefit of the Gar and the Community.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has taken an active part in the creation of our common space: Andrey Besedin, Alexander Balyura, Ivan Kuzmenkov, Eduard Avzalov, Alyona Evsyukova, Vitaly Goncharov, Victoria Adamenko, Andrey and Svetlana Molodtsov, Andrey Khudoley (Dak), Natalia Gerasimova, Sergey Sedler, Agvan Zheleznov, Ruslan Rozhkov, Alexey Shadrov, Sergey Kozhukharov, Anton Nefedov, Igor Safonov, Rinat Gabidulin and many others we would like to sincerely thank them all.

Dears, also, we are happy to say many many thanks to everyone who was participating in the life of the Gar, If we do not mention someone, please take our gratitude.

The words of the 14th Dalai Lama: “It occurred to me that virtually every aspect of my life came about as the result of the efforts of others. My precious self-reliance was a complete illusion, a fantasy. As this realization dawned on me, I was overcome with a profound sense of the interconnectedness and interdependence of all beings. I felt a softening. Something. I don’t know. It made me want to cry.”

Everyone who comes to Kunsangar South brings a piece of themselves: their awareness, energy and service for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Wherever and whatever circumstances you are in, we love you all, hug you and look forward to meeting you in the Gönpa of Kunsangar South.

Happy Inauguration Day to all!

See you at Kunsangar South!

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