10 Years of Khaita Celebration Video

By the International Dzogchen Community

This November we celebrated 10 years of Khaita – exactly 10 years ago, in November 2011, an eminent Tibetan scholar and Dzogchen master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu started selecting modern Tibetan songs for the first Khaita collection “Message from Tibet”. In the coming years he personally transcribed in Tibetan and Drajyor transliteration over 360 Tibetan songs to give the amazing opportunity to the Western world to appreciate the wonderful and ancient Tibetan culture and knowledge. Khaita dances, over 250 by now, are partially inspired by modern Tibetan circle dances, and partially are created by Rinpoche’s students in a more “free” style, keeping in mind the lyrics and the meaning.Today the Dzogchen Community around the world sing and dance Khaita to discover joy and harmony through movement, and to support Tibetan culture.

Enjoy Khaita songs and dances at www.khaita.com

Learn more about Khaita at www.khaita.org


1) Tsed la Dro/ Let’s Go to Play by Rinchen Dorje


2) Sodang Yala by Jampa Yeshe & Karma


3) Bod la Dro/ Let’s Go to Tibet by Lobsang Delek


4) Phayulgyi Gyansum/ Three Ornaments of the Fatherland by Tsewang Lhamo


Huge thanks to:

– Giulia Yangcen Mimaciren – concept and video editing

– Pancho Company – music mix editing

– Alexander Popov – video graphics

– Everyone who helped organising and filming, and to all the dancers around the world!


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