2021 Global Membership Policy Announcement

2021 membership announcement

December 2020

Dear IDC Members, Gakyils & Membership Coordinators,

First of all the International Gakyil (IG) would like to thank you for your collaboration in this not easy year. Despite the problems in the world the IDC keeps united and we go on together reaching more or less the same membership base as in the last year.

Currently we have 5343 members (as of 3rd Dec. 2020) that is only 99 members less compared to last year.

Renewing membership is very meaningful, and it is a concrete gesture of showing interest, participation and supporting the International Dzogchen Community’s projects.

With reference to the Membership Policy, the IG would like to keep going on for the coming year 2021 with more or less the same conditions as before with minor adaptations to the actual economic conditions.

Due to the present world situation some members with not so strong personal economy but with the intention to maintain their membership despite these difficulties, asked IG to consider their situation in the membership policy.

Therefore we propose you to apply – on a voluntary basis – the following memberships adaptation according with your local circumstances:

  1. “Elderly Membership”. 75 + old members with uninterrupted membership at least in the 6 last years can ask local Gakyils to apply for a symbolic membership of 12 EUR/14 USD per year. We strongly recommend applying this policy especially in case of relevant financial issues. This membership would be considered as a Local Ordinary Membership.
  2. “Sponsored Membership”. Members with relevant financial issues or serious health problems can ask local Gakyils for financially supporting their membership fee directly, through a local fund if established, or by looking for one or more donors (inside the local Community or by asking IG for a global research). This membership would be considered as a Local Ordinary Membership.

Let’s unite our strength and energy and continue the best as we can in our collaboration.

The International Gakyil wishes all members the very best for 2021 and we look forward to continuing to support you in any way we can.

Please find below the Global Membership Policy for 2021. The IDC allocation of 15% will remain unchanged for 2021.

Global Membership Policy 2021 – Type and Fee

Local Ordinary Membership Fee         [fee set by local Gakyil]

Local Sustaining Membership Fee      [optional type with fee set by local Gakyil]

Local Elderly Membership Fee            [optional type set by local Gakyil,12 EUR/14 USD fee]

Local Sponsored Membership Fee     [optional type with the same Local Ordinary Fee set by local Gakyil]

Global Sustaining Membership Fee       500.00 EUR / 575.00 USD fee set by IG

Global Meritorious Membership Fee      1,500.00 EUR / 1,725.00 USD fee set by IG

Global Membership Policy 2021 details

Benefits: Global Meritorious: 80% discounts on all events and workshops in all Gars and Lings

Each Gar can provide more benefits to its own members

Global Sustaining: 50% discounts on all events and workshops in all Gars and Lings

Each Gar can provide more benefits to its own members


Currency: EUR is applicable currency for MGW&E, DZG, KGN&S, SG, NG, Munselling, Gephelling

USD is applicable currency for TGE&W, TGN&S

Subsidies: decisions to subsidize regular Local Ordinary Fees should be met by the establishment of a special fund or of a fundraising policy at the Gar/Ling level.

If needed the Yellow IG could announce a global research for  “donors” available to support membership needs

Please let us know if there are any questions or something we can assist with.

All the best,

Yellow Gakyil Team – International Dzogchen Community



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