2022 Summer Program at Merigar West

Photo by Marija Desal

After this long period of restrictions and difficulties in traveling, we are looking forward to a summer that we all hope will be wonderful and relaxing. At Merigar we have tried to create a program that can satisfy everyone’s needs, including long-term practitioners, practitioners who have been following for less time, and people who have never visited Merigar or experienced the many teachings that single us out. We have also tried to create somewhat new formats, combining different disciplines.

In particular we have the traditional Sangha Retreat, with videos of the Teachings of the Master and the related practices; a Contemplation practice retreat from the Base of the Santi Maha Sangha, which completes the annual course of the Base of the Santi Maha Sangha in Italian and English carried out on zoom during the year; two Teacher Trainings, Breathe and Eight Movements on a chair; meetings between teachers of Yantra Yoga, Kumar Kumari; a day dedicated to children, and much more.

By clicking on the link below, you can access the Merigar website where you can find all the details and the forms to register.

ITA https://www.merigar.it/it/corsi-e-eventi/summer-at-merigar/

ENGL https://www.merigar.it/en/courses-and-events/summer-at-merigar/

We look forward to seeing you at Merigar, and if you can’t come in person you can use zoom or webcast for the events for which it is planned.

Greetings to all!

The Merigar Gakyil

Summer at Merigar

Calendar of courses and events for this summer at Merigar open to all.


June 21 Day dedicated to Yantra Yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day

June 24-26 Discover the true meaning of the Dance of Vajra. Intensive practice and deepening of the Dance for the Benefit of Beings and Dance of the Three Vajra with Prima Mai and Christiane Rhein

June 26 3pm Welcome to Merigar


Upon invitation of the Municipality of Arcidosso, in the months of July and August we will organize weekly appointments (on a day to be determined) for experiencing Yantra Yoga and Joyful Khaita Dances led by instructors of the Dzogchen Community of Merigar in the park near via Tibet in Arcidosso (GR). At Merigar it will be possible to participate in weekly meditation appointments.

July 1-3  Meditation and Khaita Joyful Dances Seminar, with Fabio Maria Risolo and Adriana Dal Borgo

July 3 3pm Welcome to Merigar

July 9-10 Yantra Yoga introductory seminar for beginners, open to all, with Marco Baseggio

July 11-15 1st module of Respira, open to all, with Fabio Andrico onsite and online

July 16-17 The Dance of the Three Vajras for beginners

July 17 3pm Welcome to Merigar

July 18-24 2nd module of Respira for aspiring instructors, (includes participation in the 1st module) with Fabio Andrico, onsite only, max. 10 people

July 22-24 Course on Sa Che (Tibetan geomancy), with Migmar Tsering

July 30-31 Khaita – Discover the joy of dancing! Introductory seminar of Khaita Joyful Dances, with Adriana Dal Borgo

Photo by Zoe Lüthi


August 1-3 In-depth study on Khaita joyful dances with Adriana Dal Borgo

August 4 10:30 Welcome to Merigar

August 11 10:30 Welcome to Merigar

August 12-16 Meditation, Yantra Yoga, Vajra dance and Khaita Joyful dance course led by instructors of the Dzogchen community

August 15 18:00 Welcome to Merigar

August 18- September 7 – 20th Training for Translator from Tibetan with Fabian Sanders

August 19-21 Seminar on the Potential of the Elements, only in presence, with Migmar Tsering

August 21 Children’s day

August 22 -26 Course on the Mandala of the Elements, only in presence, with Migmar Tsering

August 26-28 Ku-nye on a chair with Aldo Oneto

August 28 15:00 Welcome to Merigar


September 3-9 Course for instructors of the 8 movements on the chair, only in presence, with Fabio Andrico

September 9-11 Seminar on the Four Methods of Development, only in presence, with Migmar Tsering

September 11 15:00 Welcome to Merigar

Photo by Marija Desal

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