2023 IDC Membership Appeal!

Dear Global Vajra Family,

The Year of the Water Hare has arrived. We hope it may be gentler and auspicious, allow peace to prevail worldwide, and bring the best of health and good fortune to all!

The Year of the Water Hare also brings a new opportunity to renew your membership in 2023.

Membership is one of the most important ways we demonstrate our commitment to the teachings and to supporting the International Dzogchen Community, its Gars and Lings, and Sangha.

The International Gakyil sends a warm thank you to those of you who have already updated 2023 membership as of February 2023, and a reminder to those of you that have yet to do so.

Renewing your 2023 membership is easy. Visit dzogchen.net to view and choose the payment methods for your local Gar or Ling. Many of them offer the opportunity to renew membership directly online through your personal profile at https://dzogchen.net/profile/ membership/.

Alternatively, you can contact your local Gar or Ling directly, which is the Gar or Ling closest to your geographical area of residence.

We look forward to the renewal of your membership in 2023, and we also remind you that you have the opportunity to retroactively make a payment for any previous membership years you may have missed – specifically 2020, 2021, and 2022 – as needed!

With love,

The International Gakyil & International Membership Coordinator

Miranda, Barbara, Gabriella, Vince, and Marija

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