21 January Ganapuja with Intensive Nakgon and Jigme Lingpa Ganapuja

Dear Sangha!

We are pleased to announce that on 21 January, the day of the full moon and total lunar eclipse, the practice of Ganapuja with intensive Nakgon and recitation of the ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa will take place in Kunsangar North.

We invite you to take part in the practice collectively in the Gar or remotely.

Date: January 21, from 16:00 to 19:30 (Moscow time, GMT + 3)

We practice with the intention of supporting the development of all gars and lings, as well as the whole Dzogchen Community.

If we practice and dedicate merit all together, then we endow with this special day, in which the effect of practice and merits are increased millions of times.


Want to participate?


Choose any time convenient for you or start with us at 16:00 Moscow time. We recommend that each practitioner (or group of practitioners) begin the practice with a brief ganapuja. When we transform into Simhamukha or Guru Dragpur, we recite its mantra (21,108 or more times).

Then, after reciting the mantra, we begin reciting the Ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa, which should last for an hour or more.

After reciting the Ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa, you can sing the Song of Vajra, bring the leftovers and perform the dedication of merits.

—————————— —–

We finish the practice at 19:30 Moscow time. We make a short break and at 20:00 Moscow time we start the practice of Medium Ganapuja with intensive Nakgon.

We will try to organize a webcast of the Medium Ganapuja at the following links:

https://webcast.dzogchen.net/ index.php?id=practicing- together-html5

or, in case of problems with the main server, via Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/ Kunsangar/

Let us all quickly move forward in our practice for the benefit of all sentient beings of the universe!

“Let’s unite our strengths and abilities.
Dzogchen Community, unite your Strength And Ability”

(from the Dzamling Gar song, written by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu)

With love

Your Gakyil

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