27 September 2019 at Merigar West

27 september 201927th of September, 2019, marked one year since our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu left this life on earth. Therefore the Dzogchen Community of Merigar organized three days of intense practice in the Merigar Gönpa and Practitioners from all parts of the world came to practice together mainly Guruyoga, Purification like Vajrasattva and Six Lokas, or Ganapuja. Especially at the weekend there was not much space in the Gönpa left.

27 september 2019



Everything was well organized and of course there was also the possibility to practice Vajra Dance and Khaita Joyful Dances.

It was very nice to come together on this, for all of us, very special day, and to feel our deep connectedness. A joyful experience. Of course, everybody still misses the Master in his human form very much. But beyond this, his presence could be felt very strongly during these days. Many people also went to the great Stupa to go around it or to meditate there and enjoyed the very special peaceful serene energy at that wonderful place in the middle of the Gar.

27 september 2019

Very moving also was the arrival of Drugu Choegyal Rinpoche, who took part in the practices on Friday. He didn’t give teachings or speak publicly, but he came, as he said, to honor his old friend Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Talks in the Conference Hall of the Aldobrandesco-Castle of Arcidosso

Giacomella Orofino (left) and Costantino Albini

Jacopo Marini, Mayor of Arcidosso











The practice Sessions were accompanied by speeches and exhibitions in other different places nearby. On Friday, 27. September, Giacomella Orofino, University of Naples “Oriental”, gave a speech about “The thoughts and scientific works of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu“ in the Conference Hall of the Aldobrandesco-Castle of Arcidosso, Constantino Albini, meditation instructor from the Dzogchen Community, spoke about “The global Dzogchen Community” and Jacopo Marini, Mayor of Arcidosso about “Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, a Tibetan Master on Amiata“. Besides their indivdual topics, each speaker gave the audience a chance to participate in their personal experiences of being with the Master. The mayor Jacopo Marini also announced that a Street in Arcidosso will be named after Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, to honor him.

Welcome to the new Museum exhibition of Sacred and Modern Dance from Tibet

Sacred Dance

Exhibition of Sacred Dance

Later on Friday there was an opening for the new area of the Museum featuring Tibetan Sacred Dance and Khaita. As well, ASIA had a wonderful exhibit of photos of Rinpoche’s travels in Tibet, and other photos from the Himalayan Region depicting the many activities there.

Roberto Cacciapaglia (electric piano, left) and An Chi Huang (soprano)

In the Merigar Gönpa, in the evening after all the other activities of the day, there was a wonderful live performance of the Song of the Vajra, by Roberto Cacciapaglia (electric piano) and An Chi Huang (soprano), followed by a Vajra Dance performance.

Matthias Winter
Photos by Oxana Ilina

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