27/08 Mandarava Global Chain 24 hours for Rinpoche

Dear Vajra Family,

We encourage you to take part in the next Mandarava Ganapuja 24 hour Global Chain. (You can download the Short Mandarava Ganapuja practice here)

Date: 27 August from 0:00 to 24:00 GMT+0

Many of us feel that we need to reinforce our practices for our beloved Rinpoche. We are happy He is continuously improving His health. Through our practice we can continue supporting His good progress.

Rinpoche has said several times, He is still alive in this world thanks to Mandarava practice. Also many years ago when He was ill, He said if we want to do practice for Him we should do purification: Vajrasattva and Ganapuja as much as possible. He said the essential base is related to SAMAYA, then long life practices can work.

As practitioners, looking after Rinpoche mainly means to keep pure our Samaya.  More than ever we should try to progress in our practice, not only for ourselves but also really listening to Rinpoche when He asks us to collaborate together and be respectful to each other. This aspect of Samaya is also very important.

We invite you to join our energies in this practice together for purifying Samaya, for Rinpoche, for Transmission, for us, for all sentient beings!

Do you want to participate?

  1. Register by filling the following questionnaire in: www.practicingtogether.org
    (Please, when you register choose your time of practice in GMT+0. Check here to find equivalent time in your time zone)
  2. We start with Short Mandarava practice as we usually do. In order not to break the chain, it is necessary to start at least 15 minutes before the established starting time. Then, when we arrive to the Essential Mantras section, we start properly with our recitation for 65 minutes.

We do recitation of the Essential Mantra of Mandarvava for 25 minutes, then we recite the Essential Mantra of All Dakinis for 40 minutes.

Please start on time and finish 5 mins later than your cover hour that will be the overlap between timeslots.

Then, after recitation, we continue the practice until Hiding the Protective and Vital Energy (VAJRA DHARMADHATU RAKSHA A) then we go to Ganapuja (Mandarava) section, then we do the Mantra for Receiving Siddhis and Dedications of Merits.

We hope we can all together unify & strengthten our energies by applying together this wonderful practice.

Long Life to our Precious Master!!!

May this practice be for the benefit of all sentient beings of the universe.

Practicing Together Team

P.S. This version of the practice has Rinpoche’s approval





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