6th Course of the Educational Program for New Khaita Experts and Instructors

by Martina Krejčová and Anna Jiresh

In the beginning of April, we spent a beautiful week full of dancing and learning new skills with the guidance of our great teacher Adriana Dal Borgo in a very nice and quiet place in the south of the Czech Republic at Phendenling. We find this place to be a great place for practice, sometimes it feels like we are dancing in the air, it has some special quality. And of course we were also well looked after by our great Gekö and her partner and Jirinka, who cooked fantastically for us.

We had a very interesting program during the 6th Khaita Educational Program course.  We started the week by exploring the Dzamling Gar song together, going deep in the meaning and connecting the words with the movements. Some of us were explaining some parts to the others.

We also had a great opportunity to learn how to behave assertively during a workshop called Assertive Communication in the group. For three afternoons we were working on our self confidence and awareness in expressing ourselves with Khaita instructor Monika Marcik. We have learned very useful techniques which we can use in our everyday communication situations or in group communication.

One whole day we spent with Klára Markuciová and her colleague Roman Beneš, who were talking about how to work with children. Klára and Roman work together in Nestlingue kindergarten in Prague. They helped us to understand the children’s souls; their needs and their world.

Apart from these workshops, we were learning some new amazing dances with guidance of our dear teacher Adriana Dal Borgo. We also took part in teaching and explaining new dances to the others. On top of all that, we have learned a brand new dance choreography for the song: Ngai Phayul (Barsam 6.06), done by Eva Leick and Monika Marcik. We had lots of fun practicing it together and making a demonstration video.

It is very interesting to discover how our own practice is changing and how we grow in collaboration with each other like a group and also how every one of us manifests in their own style of teaching.

Many Khaita instructors and other experts from and outside the Community were supporting us, were taking part in our meetings, giving us master classes according to their special qualities and skills and also were enjoying dancing Khaita together during our courses of Khaita Educational Program. We think that this is a great example of collaboration and we appreciate it a lot.

We are looking forward to the 7th course which will take place in Vienna, Austria from 3rd to 10th July.

And there is also a new cycle of the Educational Program starting this month, the 25th to 31st of May in Dejamling (France), followed by July 16th to 22nd in Merigar (Italy).

We would like to invite everyone who likes Khaita and who would like to learn more.

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