7th Lojong and Chöd Practice at Kundusling Barcelona April 14-15 and 21-22

7th lojong chöd kundusling

Participants in the 7th Lojong Course

During last 2 weeks of April 2018, we had the pleasure to have Steven Landsberg at Kundusling in Barcelona. We enjoyed 2 different courses given on different weekends:

14-15 April we learned about the 7th Lojong, the practice related to introducing us to the path of contemplation. First of all we learned how to have the experience on sensation and emptiness, and we practiced it. In the same way we learned and experienced the practice on clarity and emptiness and we finished with the Dharmata state training.

7th lojong chöd kundusling

Chöd Course

21-22 April we learned about Chöd Practice, going deep in this complete but complicated practice. In this course we introduced the damaru in the practice but most of us we were beginners. As we are learning, the practice became very noisy, but Steven maintained presence all the time and taught us very patiently.

Steven’s long experience in the community was a gift for all of us, slowly opening our minds to understand better what is the real path. Thank you Steven for your lovely light! It was a gift for us!

From Kundusling with love

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