A Fantastic Opportunity!

Exclusive Use of a Unit on an International Gar

Namgyal Gar North Development

Retreat Units & Community Building to be constructed on the left in place of the agricultural sheds. Photo Graeme Horner

An extraordinary development program is taking place at Namgyal Gar North — a team of Dzogchen practitioners is putting Rinpoche’s vision into action on the land he chose to become the centre for Dzogchen teachings in the Pacific Region.

Namgyal Gar North is nestled within a powerful constellation of ancient volcanic landforms known as the Glasshouse Mountains in Queensland, Australia, and is in easy reach of charming, thriving local towns, beaches, parklands with plenty of opportunities for work and play – only 1 hour from Brisbane International Airport

Sacred to the Gubbi Gubbi Indigenous tribe, the mountains stand as protective sentinels overlooking the entire tropical hinterland and coastal area. Recognising it as a power place of the Local Guardians Rinpoche indicated a number of years ago that it was an excellent place for a Gar so the land was purchased and work began converting a small farm into a retreat centre. Our own organic farm can now be established there as well, if we wish – mangoes and avocados galore!

In line with his plan for a network of functional Gars collaborating together across the globe, Rinpoche is keen to see the development go ahead swiftly; so much so, he has sold his own house nearby and will be moving into the renovated residence with newly built swimming pool at the Gar when he arrives in October for his month long stay.

Installation of a new waste water system for the entire property is complete. We have full Council Building Approval on detailed construction plans for seven retreat (units) apartments, community building with teacher’s unit, dormitories, kitchen, lounge, library, courtyard, laundry, café, Gonpa and Cinerarium with Memorial Garden.

Our builders (2014 Regional Master Builders Award Winners) have been approved along with a budget, so we can move forward NOW on Rinpoche’s advice – building the retreat units and community building first and going ahead as we can afford.

A unique donation method allows seven user-donors (or user-donor collectives) to have exclusive use of a private unit for as long as they wish, for a donation of $140,000 AUD (or more if you wish.) Just like purchasing an apartment – at a bargain price, except right of use can be sold only to DC members. Right of use can be left to the Gar, or passed on to a family member who can use it themselves (if DC members) or sell their rights to a DC member. User-donors cannot live permanently at the Gar, but they can use the unit as much as they like or may rent or lend to other practitioners.  Similar arrangements for a dorm bed, or whole dorms are available – possible income earning for a Gar, Ling or DC group. Donations for specific purposes, such as the Cinerarium, are also welcome. In depth information is available from the contacts below.

Namgyalgar Gar North COLOUR FLOWCHART Final

Colour Flow Chart of our Development Team Building Process Steps – we are at Step 11. Chart created by Lily Giblin

Imagine having your own one bedroom retreat apartment on the Gar: close to Rinpoche when he visits; for doing personal retreats; for spending periods of time living in the community (which just happens to be in a tropical paradise), in a country with a stable economy and stable government, just an hour away by train from Brisbane International Airport, only a few hours from Asia and just a day’s travel from the rest of the world!

The good news is there is already firm interest in four units, which leaves an availability of only three. Two of these can have loft mezzanines (alternative bedroom space) if requested now. If you are interested in becoming a user-donor of these apartments contact: Viki, Namgyal Gar Admin Officer click here: http://dzogchen.org.au/contact/index.php?cid=1

To find out more about Namgyal Gar North and surrounding area click here: http://www.dzogchenretreat2014.com/blog/ancient-land-ancient-people

For Namgyal Gar North Development Plans & News click on: http://namgyalgarnorth.com/

There you will find links to plans for Accommodation including Retreat Units & Community Building with dorms.

Namgyal Gar South, in Southern NSW celebrates its 20th year in 2014, and continues as a Bush Retreat Centre for collective, personal and SMS scholarship retreats.


by Jan Cornall 
with Joy Dahl, Namgyal Gar North Development Team Coordinator and Julian King-Salter,
Namgyal Gar North Development Team Site Representative.



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