A Ling Is Born in The Netherlands

Dear Vajra family,

We have some wonderful news to share – yesterday, on October 6, 2014, a new Ling was born in Amsterdam the Netherlands. Rinpoche gave us the perfect name Rangdrolling, the Ling of Self Liberation!

Thank you Rinpoche!

We all are happy beyond limitations.

I will share some photos of the place we are renting. It is a small house in the middle of a park, with a pool behind it and a colony of kingfisher birds. The place is called Nemoland, the land of nobody. It is marvellous!

Warm wishes to all from Amsterdam!

Maarten Schoon

Blue Gakyil in The Netherlands

Rangddrolling Netherlands ViewOfTheHouse

The house from the pool side

Rangdrolling Netherlands ViewFromTheHouse

The pool on a beautiful sunny day

Rangdrolling DutchCommunity

Members of the Dutch Community at our yearly Sangha Day in 2013

Rangdrolling Netherlands KingfisherBird

A Kingfisher bird at Rangdrolling

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