Accommodation Service for Members


Dear Vajra brothers and sisters

As you probably know, most of the houses in our beautiful global gar Dzamling Gar, while still under reconstruction, are nearing completion. In 2012, Rinpoche offered each of the regional gars a house within Dzamling Gar so that each gar could offer an accommodation service to their members of our global community.

It is very likely that all these houses will be available for accommodation for our members during this coming retreat season.

Accommodation reservations for each Gar are now supervised by “Occupation Managers” who will take care to ensure we provide an accommodation service with clear guidelines that respect the privilege and requirements of residing in Dzamling Gar.

Any interested member of the International Dzogchen Community is invited to make application to reserve accommodation by communicating to the Occupation Manager approved by the Gar where they have established membership.

If you wish to make a reservation, please contact:

Tashigar Sur / Norte House Clara

Samtengar House Miaoxin

Merigar East / West House Salvatore

Tsegyalgar East / West House Dominik for TE
Giorgio for TW

Kunsangar North / South House Lesya

Namgyalgar / Dzamling Gar House Oni for NG
Nataly for DG

You will find more information later as we update the webpage of Dzamling Gar.

Thank you!

Best wishes,

Giovanni Boni – General Manager of Meriling, engineering company for the community
Pancho Company – General Manager for Dzamling Gar Accommodation Service

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