Admin Officer Position Available

Namgyalgar North view

The Namgyal Gar Gakyil is seeking from within the DCN Community, an Administrative Officer for Namgyal Gar in the Glasshouse Mountains (NN). The Admin Officer will be paid $800 per month.


As the Admin Officer you (and the Geko) will be responsible for the smooth operations of the Gar. You will work closely with the Gakyil, in particular the Yellow Gakyil and visiting members of our Dzogchen community to develop the Dzogchen Teachings in Australia. You will also work to develop close relationships with our neighbours and local community. You will be working independently, with the ability to prioritise tasks and problem solve, seeking advice as required. You will be able demonstrate excellent administrative, organizational and collaborative abilities.

Specific Responsibilities

Maintain excellent communication with the Yellow Gakyil and support them by:

  • Managing all NN payments under $500, including petty cash, online banking and debit card usage
  • Doing monthly reconciliation of the NN Operations Account using Xero software
  • Managing accounts of Gar operational activities (telephone, internet,)
  • Filing all receipts and invoices related to NN Operations (soft and hard copies)
  • Managing NN retreat registrations using Excel and Xero.

Maintain excellent communication with the Red Gakyil and support them by:

  • Filing documents (soft and hard copies) and maintain knowledge on NN development
  • Liaising with Namgyal Gar Secretary to update contact details
  • Developing a clear and simple database of Namgyal Gar North operational documentation
  • Helping to create a welcoming presence and assistance to any person requesting information about the Dzogchen Teachings
  • Keeping required log books (personal work, Gar visit, Karma Yoga,…)
  • Recording and maintaining the archive of Dzogchen material at the Gar.

Maintain excellent communication with the Blue Gakyil and support them by:

  • Helping to maintain and update websites
  • Helping to publish regular Newsletters

Maintain excellent communication with the Geko and support them by:

  • Being physically present at least once a week at the Gar
  • Creating efficient administrative system connected to bookings, accommodation, transport, period of stay at the Gar and welcoming newcomers

Benefits and Conditions

  • The person will be initially appointed on a 3­month trial period. Thereafter the position will be reviewed collaboratively with the Gakyil and Treasurer.
  • You will earn $20 per hour of work, up to a maximum of $800 per month.
  • You will work from Namgyal Gar Noth office at least once a week and from home
  • You must already have, or be able to apply for, an Australian Business Number (ABN) and will be paid after submission to DCN Treasurer of fortnightly/monthly invoices for work done.
  • There will be a supportive handover and continuous help from the previous Admin Officer (who lives locally).
  • You will have spare time in the week for personal practice and other activities on the Gar.
  • There is the possibility of temporary accommodation at the Gar.

Qualities required

You will work in congruence with the Principles of the Dzogchen Teaching at all times, and:

  • Have a high capacity to work with other people such as Geko, Gakyil, Project Managers, Instructors and members.
  • Be enterprising, motivated and self-­directed
  • Have good boundaries and know how to relay work to others with kindness
  • Have basic knowledge in Word and Excel and willingness to learn more computer based skills such as Gmail, Xero, Google drive, Weebly and MailChimp.
  • Live near enough to the Gar to give weekly onsite presence
  • Have basic Accounting skills
  • Have a high level of communication skills
  • Be transparent and open minded
  • Be naturally joyful and welcoming

Expressions of interest / Enquiries to:

Carolyn Oldham (Treasurer)
0410 578 214

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