Adriano Clemente’s Closing Talk at the Vajrasattva Longsal Retreat at Dzamling Gar

Vajrasattva Longsal Retreat at Dzamling Gar with Adriano Clemente December 9-13, 2021

Vajrasattva Purification from the Longsal Cycle Practice Retreat December 9-13, 2021Dzamling Gar

This retreat is finished. I want to thank the Gakyil of Dzamling Gar for inviting me and for making this opportunity possible. I also want to thank everybody who collaborated for this retreat. Usually I am not an active instructor because my main samaya, or commitment, is to be the translator of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu’s works. So the purpose of my life is that, I understood it is that. As long as I live, I will try to finish all these books that are still not translated; there are many still to do. And then, of course, on the side, when I have time, I try to help according to my capacity. In any case, maybe for older practitioners sometimes what I say is a little boring. I try to communicate mainly with newcomers, even if it is only one person, for me it’s more important than anything else because the continuation of the transmission of the teaching depends only on the development of our capacity.

You see, since Rinpoche passed away, there has been much confusion. Some people started to write hundreds of emails, even one month after Rinpoche passed away saying: “How are we going to do for transmission, continuation, etc.?”, creating these useless concepts with their minds. As if somebody appointed them: “When Rinpoche will have passed away, you should check very well how the transmission is going to be continued.” But to continue the transmission of Dzogchen of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu there is only one way: you apply the practice, you develop that capacity, you are able to communicate that, you are passing that transmission, and, even if you have three students, if one of them also develops this capacity, this transmission continues. We don’t need bureaucracy – this is this, this is number one, number two, number three. We must go into the real principle of the teaching in the way our teacher taught.

The responsibility for Rinpoche’s teaching transmission depends on each individual, each practitioner. If there are no secondary causes then we should not really be too much involved with that concept. The teaching is guarded by dakinis. It’s not that we just need to decide: “Oh, we do that, we should do that way or the other way.” This all is our limited view. From the beginning Rinpoche said: “You should keep the teaching you receive secret unless you have received specific authorization from the teacher or until you have received the signs of realization.” Then, of course, anybody can say: “I received the signs, I can teach thödgal, anything.” There have already been cases already in the Community. Or “I can give direct introduction.” We cannot judge these people, we have to respect their dimension too. If they are doing something in a wrong way, then they will have their consequences.

We should always follow the same principle, like a piece of gold, you check if it’s gold or not, you cut, you purify, and you burn it. In the same way, if there is any teacher or instructor, you should check the attitude of that person, how their attitude is towards their brothers and sisters, towards the Community; check all these aspects. If it corresponds to the Teaching then you follow, otherwise their capacity is not sufficient, they are lacking this capacity. This is what I believe. I’ve been following Rinpoche for forty-five years. Of course, I did not understand it all, but just one little drop in this big ocean of Rinpoche’s wisdom, and I am trying to communicate this little drop. That is my only intension and motivation. This is the end. Again, thank you to everybody and I hope what we did can be like a good seed for applying the practice and developing some positive aspect.


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