Annual Members Meeting and New Gakyil at Merigar West

On Friday 2 July, 2021, on the favorable day of the major constellation Gyaltsen and the minor earth-water constellation, the annual members meeting was held in the Gönpa at Merigar West.

Together with about 60 members in attendance and about 20 connected via Zoom, Rosa Namkhai was present and expressed her happiness to be back together at Merigar after a difficult period that we hope is coming to an end.

The agenda under discussion included a report on the activities of the Gakyil carried out during 2020, divided into the colors Blue, Red and Yellow, the approval of the final balance sheet for 2020 and the budget for 2021, as well as the election of the new Gakyil.

The report, for those who could not be at the meeting in Gompa or via Zoom, can be consulted here.

The vice president of Merigar, Tiziana Gottardi, on behalf of all the Gakyil, thanked those present and connected, and Rosa Namkhai in particular, and presented to the assembly the candidates who have offered themselves in recent months to be part of the new Gakyil. Each candidate then presented himself personally, speaking briefly about his or her previous experiences of collaboration with the Community, his general and specific competences and, above all, the reasons and circumstances that led to the decision to present him or herself for this demanding task.

All the candidates wanted to thank Rosa for her presence, and the outgoing Gakyil for the truly remarkable, precise and punctual work, which allowed the start and advancement of important works on the ground and on the buildings of Merigar, but above all for keeping the community and practices alive at Merigar in such difficult times.

The assembly unanimously approved both the final balance sheet and the budget, and also expressed itself unanimously for the election of the six candidates who presented themselves.

The vice president Tiziana Gottardi, the blue Gakyil Natasha Primak, the yellow Gakyil Rocco Vassalli, and the red Gakyil Fulvio Ferrari ended their mandate from the previous Gakyil. The yellow Gakyil Salima Celeri continues her commitment in the new Gakyil, in the yellow sector.

The candidates, approved as mentioned above by all the participants, were Fabio Risolo and Sergio Quaranta for the blue; Giuseppe Cammarota for yellow, Gabriele Siedlecki, Karin Koppesteiner and Anna Del Sole for red.

In the first meeting, on the following morning of July 3, the new Gakyil elected the new vice president in the person of Fabio Risolo. The current new Gakyil is therefore composed as follows:

Fabio Risolo – Blue Gakyil and vice president
Sergio Quaranta – Blue Gakyil

Salima Celeri – Yellow Gakyil
Giuseppe Cammarota – Yellow Gakyil

Gabriele Siedlecky – Red Gakyil
Anna Del Sole – Red Gakyil
Karin Koppensteiner – Red Gakyil.

Our best wishes to the new Gakyil and to all the collaborators who will help them in the numerous activities needed to manage Merigar.




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