ASIA – #Mongolia “From the Village to the World”

Promoting digital literacy in the most remote areas of Mongolia

From the Village to the World
is an ASIA project, funded by the Italian Buddhist Union, which was launched a year ago in Mongolia, more precisely in the province of Sukhbaatar.

The project aims to promote development in the populated areas in the province of Sukhbaatar by overcoming the lack of computer literacy in the area, one of the most remote in Mongolia. We are carrying this out through training courses for at least 30 teachers from the 13 districts of the province and by supplying the schools participating in the project with information technology tools.

The latest updates

After delivering and installing 13 SMART boards in 13 schools in the province by the end of 2022, we offered training courses on their use, which produced excellent results! The courses, in addition to dealing with digital teaching, ranged from binary logic to cloud computing, from artificial intelligence to cyber security.

Also at the end of last year, we distributed educational materials to the libraries of 4 schools in the provinces of Uulbayan, Khalzan and Asgat.

Why are we active in this area?

In the last 20 years Mongolia has been characterized by a very strong internal migration. On the one hand, migrants often end up being marginalized on the outskirts of the city with no marketable skills and few possibilities of integration, leading increasingly to alcoholism, poverty, unemployment and domestic violence. On the other hand, while the western area of the country attracts thousands of tourists every year, this does not happen in the province of Sukhbaatar, from which, according to official data, a thousand people migrate to the capital every year.

One of the problems that leads to marginalization, unemployment and poverty for those who travel to the city is their total lack of technological and digital skills, especially due to the fact that in Sukhbaatar access to the web is severely limited because of the lack of connection and computer workstations. It is therefore essential to intervene by bridging the technological gap between this region and other areas of the country, not only to train individuals who will be able to adapt to the city if they decide to emigrate one day, but also to decrease the emigration rate thanks to an increase in the level of digital education.

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