ASIA Onlus: Write your Story

Long Distance Sponsorship is a project that can change people’s lives not only for those who benefit from it, but also for those who decide to support a child, a monk, a student, or an elderly person at distance.

In over 30 years of activity, thanks to the long-distance sponsorship project, ASIA has helped over 4,300 Tibetan children attend schools where their cultural identity was protected, and more than 350 students attend high school and university. More than 750 monks were able to continue their cycle of Buddhist study and practice, and 170 elderly refugees were given the opportunity to live in care homes and be adequately cared for.

One aspect of this project that always continues to inspire us is the human one, the relationship that is established between two people who learn to know each other and to go beyond distance and cultural barriers.

Over the years we have received many emails, letters, and phone calls from supporters that have told us the story of two lives that reach out and change. Sometimes they are fortunate enough to be able to meet in person, other times through exchanging letters, photos, or video messages.

This is the experience of Enric and Dragana, who went to visit Tashi in Darjeeling, India.

“Our journey towards Darjeeling began in 2017 when we decided to distance support. We wanted to offer a girl not only a comprehensive and quality education, but also a good environment for her growth. It was important that it was a girl because females are generally more disadvantaged than males.

That same year, at Dzamling Gar in Tenerife, doing karma yoga for ASIA, we read the information brochures about their distance sponsorship program and we felt it was what we were looking for. We were very fortunate to have the help of María Herrera, who explained everything to us in detail, advised us and helped us start the long distance adoption. In no time we had the information about our god-daughter, Tashi.

Sightseeing in Darjeeling

After visiting Nepal, we went to Darjeeling. We were received by the Rector of the College, who offered us a guided tour during which we could see the entire complex. It is located in the upper part of the city, just 10 minutes walk from the famous Chowrasta Square and consists of several buildings, play areas, studios and sports.

And then we finally got to meet Tashi. It was a wonderful and emotional moment. Having the chance to help another being is something very special, especially when you do it through a serious and dedicated NGO like ASIA, which makes sure it is done with the highest possible guarantee. Our idea was to get to know her, spend some time with her, but without interfering with her studies or her study routine.

Tashi and her brother

With the Rector and the Director of the school we agreed upon a program of visits and some outings, and since when we arrived we discovered that her little brother was also at the school, we asked for permission to take him out, too. Thus, despite the rain that accompanied us tirelessly every day, we were able to visit various places in the city such as the Himalayan Mountaineering Museum, Padmaja Naidu Park, The Tibetan Museum, and enjoy some pleasant walks. In this way we were able to meet two adorable children, who were very polite and humble.

We are very grateful for all this and we encourage everyone to contribute their own grain of sand, so that ASIA’s projects can have continuity and prosperity over time, as they are beneficial to all beings, and, as Rinpoche said, one our goals should be to cultivate bodhichitta”.

You too can write history. Do a long distance sponsorship.

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