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ASIA surgery living

In the countries of the Himalayas where ASIA works, tackling disease is very distressing not only for the physical and psychological suffering that it brings, but also for the resulting financial problems, that are, at times, insurmountable. In these countries, health care is not free but prohibitively expensive.

These areas are still characterized by a high prevalence of endemic diseases and a high maternal-infant mortality rate, where knowledge of basic health and hygiene standards is very poor, drinking water difficult to access and health facilities insufficient.

To cope with this situation ASIA intervenes in various ways: building hospitals and village clinics, training local health personnel, supporting traditional medicine, focusing on the diffusion of basic health and hygiene education and creating hygiene systems.

Another type of intervention in support of health that we have been pursuing for years is the Surgery for Living Fund, which allows us to respond to the many requests for help we receive from sick people who need urgent care but cannot afford it. Once the health and economic conditions of the person requesting it have been verified by our on-site teams, we cover the costs of healthcare, hospitalization, surgery or medical treatment, as the case may be, through this Fund.

For example, we helped Guamo Kyid, a girl who was burned using a kerosene stove and had to undergo numerous surgeries; Tashi Wangyal, a young student suffering from nephritis who underwent a kidney transplant; Karma Tseso, who fractured a femur during the Yushu earthquake. And like them, many other people who could not heal themselves and start living again.

ASIA surgery livingRecently we have received another request from Sonam Tso, a 30-year-old woman suffering from a severe and very rare form of rheumatoid arthritis. Sonam has lived with this disease since she was 12 and requires periodic hospitalization and expensive medical treatment for which the family has had to borrow for years and is now in the greatest difficulty.

Sonam Tso was accompanied in her schooling, from primary to university, thanks to long-distance support and scholarships activated by ASIA, but was forced to interrupt her studies due to illness. We do not want to abandon her now that our help is fundamental to her life.
To help Sonam Tso and the other people who request it, we need to increase the Surgery for Living Fund.

To participate in the Fund you can donate by means of:

Bank transfer to ASIA Onlus
IBAN: IT31L0521603225000000013004

Paypal / Credit Card

Reason for payment: Surgery for Living

Health is one of the fundamental rights of a person, and acknowledges their dignity. We want to protect it and assure it to as many people as possible.

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