ATIF Looking For Communication Experts

Dear Sangha,

Atiyoga Foundation (ATIF) needs to codify and regulate its communication both internally, towards and between the different realities of the Community, and externally. To this end, we would like to form a small group of communication experts to work on identifying guidelines that ATIF can use in its internal and external relations.

The group will consist of three people and will be coordinated by Edith Casadei, a member of ATIF, who has forty years of experience in this field, who will liaise with the ATIF board.

One candidate will be selected for each continent: America, Europe and Asia.

The candidate must:

– have at least 15 years of experience in communication
– have knowledge of the main media
– be able to draft a document containing the guidelines
– have the ability to work in a team
– have been a member of the Community for at least three years
– be able to collaborate in karmayoga

The team will not deal directly with communication but will provide the criteria for a communication that reflects the governance and ethics of ATIF. These guidelines will be adopted by ATIF affiliates, whether they are individuals or associates.

You can send your CV to:

Thank you.

Edith Casadei
Member, Department for Research and Documentation
International Atiyoga Foundation

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