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Dear Representatives of Italian Lings,

I planned to meet the members of the Italian Ling to present International Atiyoga Foundation, the cultural foundation that our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu founded before moving on to another dimension, to take on the function of “umbrella” of all the organizations of the Dzogchen  Community and to carry on its cultural heritage.

I will therefore dedicate a meeting open to all the members of each Ling, of about an hour, to give all the useful information about the Foundation and to allow the participants to ask questions and clarifications.

The calendar of meetings is as follows:
Dribselling (Milan) 4 March at 6.00 pm
Community of practitioners of Florence 11 March at 18.00
Gelegling (Bologna) 18 March at 18.00;
Gyamtsholing (Venice) 25 March at 6.00pm
Kunsalling (Brescia) 1 April at 6.00 pm
Namdeling (Naples) April 8, 6.00 pm
Tobdenling (Turin) 15 April at 6.00 pm;
Zhenphenling (Rome) April 22, 6.00 pm

I would ask you to kindly inform all of your associates about the event  now. On the day of each meeting, in the morning, the Zoom link will be sent to you and forwarded to all the members of your Ling.

A series of meetings will follow with the Gar, with the other European Lings and with the Lings from the rest of the world.

Looking forward to your kind reply, I send my warm greetings.

Marco Baseggio

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