Auction of Evolution Creations by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Dear brothers and sisters,

To remind you that we are entering to the last days of our Fundraising related to an auction of the last collection of the EVOLUTION CREATIONS, jewelry that our master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, made with his own hands, endowed with the power of mantra and consecrated during the Mandarava Drubchen.

There are 20 in total: 5 necklaces, 5 key protections, 5 car protections, and 5 bracelets.

You can read about them, see photos and videos, and place a bid here https://www.

The auction is exclusively online and will  be closed at 10 AM GMT +0 time (11 AM CET) March 5th, Dakini Day, the Anniversary of Ayu Khandro, this day was also pointed out by Rinpoche to be the International Vajra Dance Day. May virtue be accomplished on this auspicious day!

In order to bid in the auction you have to create an account for our website. It is how the app works. You have the possibility to login using your google or facebook credentials (as many other apps do) or you have a third option, to create an account using your email address setting up any password you choose. With this third option It is not necessary to use your email or facebook passwords.

The proceeds from the auction will go towards the restoration of the Tashigar Norte Gonpa. We really need your participation.

For any questions please contact

With love,

Gakyil de Tashigar Norte
Asoc. Civil Nuevo Tashigar del Norte

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