Birth Life and Death according to Tibetan Medicine

A Seminar in Turin, Italy with Dr. Gino Vitiello

birth life death

The introductory seminar on Tibetan medicine with Dr. Luigi Vitiello was held on Friday, November 23rd at the welcoming center of the Dzogchen Community in Turin, Italy. The occasion brought together a good number of those who have been following the activities of the Turin community for a long time, as well as people who had never been interested in Tibetan culture but were curious about it.

The objective of the seminar was to explore the vision of the world and of man according to Tibetan medicine. Following his excursus on the principles of Tibetan medicine as expressed in Prof. Namkhai Norbu’s book Birth, Life and Death According to Tibetan Medicine and Dzogchen Teaching (Shang Shung Edizioni 1990) in a clear and communicative way, Dr. Vitiello led his audience through three particular sectors of Tibetan medicine: birth and behavior during life, with attention to the principles of nutrition and behavior in order to stay healthy, mentioning the nature of diseases and imbalances that cause the onset. Then Dr. Vitiello guided the public in a brief essential breathing exercise to purify impure air, very useful in everyday life.

Finally he addressed the topic of the nature of death, recalling the dismissal and fear of it that characterize the approach of Western culture.

The audience was very satisfied with Dr Vitiello and his skills as a speaker and hope to have further opportunity to meet him and explore other related topics.

Enrica Rispoli


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