Birth, Life, and Death in Tibetan Medicine

And in Buddhist Psychology

A Two Day Conference in Brescia (Italy) with Gino Vitiello

birth life death

On Friday 19 October, in the beautiful dance hall of a historic building in Brescia, Gino Vitiello gave an introduction to his conference on “Birth, Life, and Death in Tibetan Medicine and in Buddhist Psychology”. The event was open to the public with the main theme held the following day. Many people participated, including those not connected to the Dzogchen Community, and listened to the talks with particular attention.
Gino Vitiello presented the theme in a suggestive and synthetic manner, not forgetting to mention references to the specific culture and spirituality of the ancient and modern West. In this way he stimulated participation in the conference the following day, where attendance was numerous. Gino’s explanation was supplemented by beautiful projected images and brief intense exercises that he invited those present to experiment with.
Gino’s clarity in presenting the topic made the event invaluable for all, old and new. A special thanks to Gino and all those present.

birth life death

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