Birth of Asian Gar and Gakyil

This is to formally announce the birth of the Asian Gar – Samtengar and its Gakyil.

Yellow:  Jing Xia; Tracy Ni

Red:      Ming Yue; Ou Ran

Blue:     Wes Guo; Felix Geng

Below are from two related emails from Rinpoche.

Best wishes,

Wes, on behalf of Samtengar gakyil


Dear Wes,

Samtangar is not only for a Gar for Chinese [people], this is an Asian Continent Gar, for that reason, all Lings should connect with Samtengar and collaborate with the Gar just like the relationship between all other Gars and Lings in the Dzogchen Community. That way, we do not have any confusion.

With many Tashi Delegs to you all.             Ch. N.N.


From The Mirror:

The 28th day of the 8th Tibetan month, Tuesday 21st October, in the Wood Horse year Melo 3931, 2014, is the birth day of the Asian Gar. Samtenling has become Samten Gar, the Gar of Asia.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu


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