Birth – Kai Tashi Schmookler

Kai Tashi Schmookler was born on February 9, 2017 at 9:52pm in Berkeley, CA. He is the son of Katya and Matthew Schmookler and the brother of Varya Schmookler. 

Kai and his big sister Varya

Kai and his big sister Varya

Poem by the Mother, Katya Schmookler

He, the son of his father,
The ocean,
Infinite and empty
Enormously big,
Was moving with waves.
I was so much smaller than him,
Carried by him
And as he was coming through me
In the sounds of water
The sounds of flutes
The sounds of light,
Surrounded by myriads of beings
By all, who ever existed 
Who ever were born,
The air was shivering
In fear, excitement and awe.
My man was my anchor
His hands held me strongly
Through every wave
And his loving heart was my door
To my own self,
With all the sensations and thoughts
My dreams and illusions
In which I was centered,
With my biggest loss –
As sharp as the ice cube –
Of leaving my daughter and me,
The concept of 2 of us.
And as he was coming through me,
I was coming back to her
Bringing the union of 4.
Hours later,
Dissolved in the eyes of my man,
Dissolved in the screaming of pain,
I felt all the force of his life
All his passion to live
To breath,
And to thrive,
Embrace the whole world
(And me)
In his emptiness
And infinity,
As the ocean was born,
And we named him Kai.

Он, как отец-океан,
Большой, необъятный, пустой
Своими волнами
Меня уносил,
И я была меньше, чем он.
Так он проходил сквозь меня,
Под звуки воды и флейт –
Вокруг мириады существ,
Все, кто когда-то жил.
И воздух дрожал
От страха, волнений и слез.
Мой муж, словно якорь,
Держал меня на волнах.
Любил меня всем своим сердцем,
Открыв мне саму себя.
Весь опыт и мысли,
Иллюзии в снах,
Которые видела я.
И чувство холодной потери,
Как кубиков льда на губах,
Когда оставляла дочь,
Идею о нас двоих.
Чтоб подарить ей
Единство всех четверых.
Когда же часы спустя
Уже приходила ночь,
Я плавала в чистых глазах
И в боли своей неземной,
Тогда я узнала всю
Силу живую его,
Стремление жить и дышать
Стремление всё объять –
Весь мир, и меня –
Энергией через край.
Так был рожден океан,
Который был назван Кай.

-Katya Schmookler







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