Born – Leo Pinigin

Igor Pinigin, Svitlana Chakova and their son Leo.

We would like to share the joy of Svitlana Chakova and Igor Pinigin, whose son Leo was born on September 5, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Svitlana moved to Italy in March 2022, and lived at Merigar West for a few months. In the summer of that year she chose to return to her husband and gave birth in Ukraine, close to Igor. It was a brave and difficult choice. Now they are living together in Kyiv and taking care of their baby.

Svitlana wishes to thank Merigar very much for the help and support that she received during this important period of her life. It was not simply that she was received as a war refugee, but she was also helped to have a peaceful and happy pregnancy in Tuscany. She was very happy to have spent her time in a sacred and peaceful place like Merigar, together with Vajra brothers and sisters who assisted her. She experienced what it means to “be together in a boat”, to collaborate and help each other.

Natasha Priymak and Svitlana Chakova

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