Bringing Presence into Your Life at Merigar East

Dear All, Near and Far,

“Bringing Presence into Your Life” is the motto at Merigar East, and it’s a reality that unfolds here every moment.

We concluded the “Karma Yoga Gathering” program, which took place from May 23-30, 2024. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all 15 volunteers who had the courage and the right circumstances to come to Merigar East and contribute according to their capacities and possibilities! Special thanks to those who braved the elements with the trimmer, made the gardens beautiful and shiny again, conquered the resilient weeds, dismantled the old and useless constructions, picked the juicy fruits, and channeled their creative energy into decorating the space with new places to sit and rest, including the immense new fireplace where we can all gather and enjoy time together around the fire! We hope that all who attended benefited from their stay here, forming new connections, absorbing the energy of the place, learning new skills, and perhaps discovering new things about themselves.

Another important event took place on June 2: “The Causes of and Solutions to the Ecological Crisis from the Standpoint of Engaged Buddhism: The Four Noble Truths of Ecology” with Elias Capriles, held in Bucharest and online. With a theme particularly important and relevant for our times, it was a profound presentation that provided ample material for reflection.

Then we continued with “The 21 Semdzins: Attain Decisive Confidence” with Elias Capriles in Merigar East & ONLINE, deepening our practice with his explanations and guidance. 

This retreat was intense yet profoundly enriching. Practitioners from Hungary introduced us to Chinese tea ceremonies, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the diverse and rich collection of Chinese tea culture. 

We eagerly anticipate the upcoming events:

June 20-27: “Dzogchen Teachings” with Yeshi Namkhai – online from Merigar East

June 30: Thangka – “The Sacred Tibetan Art” online and onsite presentation of Rinpoche’s collection of thangka in the gönpa at Merigar East, where Elias Capriles will explain the history and symbolism behind this art. This event will be online so everyone is welcome to join us and learn about this sacred Tibetan art.

July 3-7: “Zernga: The Five Principal Points” with Elias Capriles

– July 10-14: The Guruyoga of the white A (Guru Garab Dorje) and Vajra Dance with Zoli Cser

July 23-27: The Way to Understand Oneself- A journey to our innermost nature, open course with Oliver Leick and Gabriella Schneider 

 July 29 -August 4: Deepening our practice in Dzogchen – Experiencing the greatness of collaboration with Oliver Leick and Gabriella Schneider;

You can see the rest of our summer/autumn program here.

Additionally, the Sangha from Romania has established a new tradition of meeting online every Wednesday to study and deepen our understanding of Dorje Sempa Namkha Che, alongside Gabriella Schneider. We are now in week 29. Infinite gratitude to Gabriella Schneider, who is an SMS instructor in the Dzogchen Community and helps us deepen our understanding of this important teaching.

Merigar East comes to life especially in the summer when the sun is warm, the sea is refreshing, the space is vast, the daytime sky is clear, and the evening is starry. It is a perfect place to dedicate some time to practice, reflection, or simply relaxation. Being present and relaxed is what Rinpoche has often suggested.

With warm thoughts and love from Merigar East to each of you!

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