Canary Island Corona


The master’s halo

Like a saint’s around the sun:

All is accomplished,


All phenomena

Forever exhausted,done–

Just an image left


On the fourth level,

Rainbow hues speaking in tongues

To moon-gazing ants



AH: wordless in great wonder,

We squat as swamp frogs


At his lotus feet

Catching only the odd fly

As universes


Limitlessly pure

Pour forth in dances of light.

Their natural state,


As the coronas

Around beginningless suns–

Beginningless moons–


No need to look up,

Look in,

Look out anywhere–

Hologrammic space


Floating bubble-like

In trillions of tigles

From the master’s heart.





Lee Bray   Hemel Hempstead,UK 13.4.14  5.05 pm


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