Celebration of Rinpoche’s Birthday at Kunsangar North

On December 8 at Kunsangar North together with the entire Dzogchen Community we celebrated Rinpoche’s birthday. The Gakyil decided to invite everyone to practice at Rinpoche’s House. We did Guru Yoga with Garab Dorje, performed the Vajra Dance of 12 A, watched a movie, did Ganapuja. And in the gompa there was a practice of Gomadevi with Vajra Dance, then a Complete thun of dance, and in the evening there was a big Ganapuja. In the afternoon in our beautiful dining room there was a fun family dinner and we watched a wonderful film about Khaita. Come and join us at the Gar, we are having a very good time!

Gakyil of Kunsangar North, Russia

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