Children’s Event “King John and the Moon” at Merigar

On May 19, 2024, we spent a wonderful afternoon at the Merigar Library guiding a children’s event with lots of  activities and creative moments including a mini session of Kumar Kumari Yoga in the Mandala Hall and following Claudia Favilli’s beautiful workshop on the amusing character “King John” (we read the book “King John and the Moon” and then created our own character).

King John has everything a king could want. He really has everything? No, because he would like to have the moon! But how can he go about getting it? And more importantly, is there such a big place to keep it? It takes a really clever idea, and the little ruler thinks that he’s found it.

Claudia showed the children how to create and act out a character within a story. We talked about businesses, dreams and sharing and had a great time!

Claudia Favilli was born early in the summer in a small medieval town in central Italy. Influenced by the old masters, she began working with colors at an early age. She loves illustrating books, taking long walks with her Jack Russell and coloring large canvases with her son.

Dina Priymak

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