Chöd retreat with Steven Landsberg in Paris

17-19 June 2022

We were very glad to have Steven Landsberg come to Palriling at the beginning of Summer for the Chöd retreat in Paris. Although 130 people were online, we still had 20 people follow him offline in a very beautiful Gönpa which belongs to Rigpa, the center of Sogyal Rinpoche.

During this three day intensive retreat, Steven talked about the profound meaning of Prajñaparamita in an easy-to-understand way. He also explained well Tawa, Gompa, and Chöpa in the context of Dzogchen teachings. Each session was always followed by a Chöd practice. How important for the Chöpa (Practitioner of Chöd). 

Steven is not only a Dzogchen practitioner and an instructor of SMS, he is also one of the great musicians of ancient Indian musical instruments. After each session of teaching, he very patiently corrected us on the melodies and showed us how to play the instruments in the Chöd, and how to sound the different melodies of the thighbone trumpet.

We look forward to inviting him to Paris again next year!

Here we received a letter from one of our Vajra sisters, Mai T, who participated in this retreat:

“I thank the Dharma, I thank our teacher the jewel of the sky, I thank the Sangha.
The Chöd weekend seminar by Steven organized by Palriling was an unveiling of the practice but not only …
The seminar was so precise and went beyond Chöd, on the View, Path, and Fruit.
Thanks to Steven’s teaching I was able to understand truly the beauty of the practice that Rinpoche so generously gave us.
Practicing live for the first time altogether after two years of lockdown gave strength and clarity.
I found warmth, gentleness, and efficiency amongst the people at Palriling, thank you all.
Everything was so enchanting and I can’t wait for the next seminar.”

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